Ironing & Laundry Service

A service with high quality, hand finished ironing at an affordable price delivered right to your door. Our free collection and delivery service is organised and maintained by an extensive network of reliable, helpful and friendly drivers. Our typical turnaround time is 24-48 hours depending on the area and day of the week.

Ironing Only (10lb Minimum)

£2.50 per lb/£5.50 per kg

Balanced mixed loads, e.g. shirts, jeans, t-shirts, bedding, child clothes, etc. Items can be hung or folded to your choice.

Wash & Iron (10lb Minimum)

£4.50 per lb/£9.90 per kg

Balanced mixed loads. Items can be hung or folded to your choice.

Shirt Service (Minimum 10 Shirts)

Iron only – £2.00 per shirt

Wash & Iron inclusive – £3.50 per shirt

Service Wash (10lb minimum)

£3.00 per lb/£6.60 per kg


Single – £17.50

Double – £19.50

King – £21.50


Single – £17.50

Double – £19.50

King – £21.50



Feathered items extra charge.